English Supplementary Activity

NMK-Foreign Language Department conducted an English Supplementary Activity to M3 students to further reinforce the language to the students and at the same time to enhance their language skill. Below are pictures that tell the story of the activity:

Activity 1: Word Search – a treat for our students to have fun while searching for target vocabularies.


Activity 2: Video Aided Vocabulary- look, watch and write the vocabulary that corresponds the pictures in each number.25600313_๑๗๐๓๑๔_0049

Activity 3: Ice Breaker – dancing along with the video aided Chicken Dance to break the monotonous vocabulary activity. 25600313_๑๗๐๓๑๗_0067

Activity 4: Sing-along- students singing to the tune of English songs.


Activity 5: BINGO – students playing with vocabulary BINGO to check familiarization of the learnt vocabulary during the whole activity.

Indeed, it was a wonderful English Supplementary Experience!


Don Muang School visits NMK- Foreign Language Department

S__8315213March 6, 2017-Foreign Language Department welcomed Don Muang Tahanargardbumrung School representatives who paid a visit in NMK with the aim of acquiring advice on setting up an Intensive English Program in their school.


Vital Documents and Resourcs were supplemented to the visitors to serve as guide and their reference for their school’s IEP plan.


As to complete the hospitality, Ms. Pattama Api-charoenpan shared her testimmonies and personal program advice to the guests in order to enlighten their IEP path.



March 05, 2017 –               NMK- Smart English Program Entrance Test and Interview                                                              conducted last Sunday with 31 applicants.

Morning Schedule:             Written Test


Afternoon Schedule: Entrance Interview

Applicants of SEP this year were from: NMK-MEP, NMK-Regular Program, NMK- Science and Gifted Programs and from other schools as well. A total of 31 applicants were present during the entrance interview an hope to get the desired results which will soon be announced on the 10th of March 2017.

NMK-M.E.P. Entrance Interview

March 4, 2017:       NMK-MEP conducted the Entrance Interview for aspiring Prathom 6                                             students who aimed to earn a spot and be part of the Mini English                                                 Program.

In the morning:      (Written Test)

In the afternoon:      (Entrance English Skill Interview)


Interview Process Includes:                                                                                                                            Oral Reading, Picture Description, Two-Way Conversation and Critical Analysis Questions

The Facilitators


T. Pattama – Head of the Mini English Program, T. Aswana – registration incharge , Ploy (M1/12), Fah (M1/12) , Kaolad (M1/12) and Ming (M1/12) – the useherettes. 


Foreign Language Dept. @Pre-Exam Edu Rally


15 February 2017- Foreign Language Department joined the NMK school Pre-Exam Edu Rally partcipated by Prathom 6 students from different schools.

At FLD booth, teachers and students helped each other in facilitating the games to our dear visitors.


Hosts dropped by in our booth, to pay a visit and at the same time to interview our views on our programs theme and aspirations.


And we finished the activity with soon to be highschoolers gathering as spectators awaiting for the result of their morning examination.



Together, together at EXPO everyone!


Welcome to MEP booth! OUr booth’s theme is MEP towards GLOBAL GOALS!


Global Eco City (background), Bikatuktuk (green eco-vehicle) and Caraclinic (green car)

What’s in our booth! Well, we’ve got our very own MEP Band, ready to sing English songs and a mix of Thai songs. Mind you, this is the second time that they played in NMK-MEP EXPO!

And of course, we got BINGO Games hosted and facilitated by our active and enthusiastic M1 students. It may be their first time to do so and didnt have much time to practice and be oriented on what to do during the EXPO, but they did an AWESOME job! So proud of you all!


Indeed, our visitors did have a memorable BINGO experience in our booth! Great job everyone! Until next time.

Outdoor Science

It was an awesome windvane experience, and I am pretty sure that it is worth sharing! And personally, I was amazed with the products of M1/12.

What I did, was just giving them guidelines on what are the expected output from their windvane projects. After that, each group will present the materials they used as well as the procedure. And the best part, is the windvane test time!

So, the moment we finished our presentations indoor we head to the football pitch of our school and get ready for our windvane test, but before doing so, we had a short meeting on instructions and expected behavior while on the field.


When done, then we got ready to look for best and suitable location within the school’s football pitch to test our D.I.Y. Wind Vanes.


And once they found the best spot, we have to gather and record at least 7 windvane readings.




The sun was out yet it felt just alright. It was really a conducive time to have the outdoor experiment. In conclusion, we really did an awesome windvane experience!